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Knitters Versions of Erssie Knits Patterns

It has been a year now since I put up my patterns as single downloads from Ravelry. Today I loaded up a Flickr gallery of these in the Knitters Own Gallery.
There are quite a few versions of each pattern so I only uploaded a selection but here are some of my favourite versions of those designs.

Teatime's version of Another Country Beret

Fragile Tender's Ghostkulls made for Babysticks

Jane Kramer's Ghostkulls with Hearts variation

Miki Ballard's Simple Simon Socks

Organdi's Another Country Beret Collection

Emjay's Baggy Beanie

Frederick's Baggy Beanie

Ondine: Sleeves for a Mermaid

Rotkaeppchen's version

Aleshanee's version

Los Pequenos de Relojes de Arena

Kookis version

EvilHelloKitty's version of Speke's Mouth Cove: Wavy Cable Baby Socks

Irie's version of Buster Baby Beanie: Bobby (Rasta version)

Slowknitsue's Little Pink Skulls Newborn Hat with booties

Beltane Flame

Dreadpiratekel's version, with her own Cruxshadow's chart

Lyna's icy version

Shaysem's Itty Bitty Buggy Preemie Cap: Bumble Bee
with Saartje's Baby Booties

Crumpet in his Dizzy Lily: A Snood for a Hound

This last pattern has raised a lot of awareness for greyhound adoption throughout the World, especially adoption of ex-racers. It has clothed many greyhounds and lurchers for free, and the pattern has also raised funds for Essex Greyhound Rescue who have used it to cook special food for the rescue hounds (e.g. Christmas Dinner) as well as paying expensive vets bills, for example Tilly's amputation of her leg and follow up treatment.

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