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New Erssie Knits Pattern

I made this hat for myself, rather than design for a commission. I went shopping last week and saw a huge variety of very loose beanies. They weren't tams and they weren't berets, they were just elongated and as popular at the moment amongst teens and twenties as the Palestinian scarf/wrap (which I still have from many yrs ago)

I thought, oooh I'll make a new hat just for me. Then I did my usual thing of adding and adding detail overcomplicating the design and making it take longer to knit than one of my commercial projects. I dumped all those ideas, and made myself knit something in a very simple stitch pattern so it would only take a couple of hours. I did the decreases on the inside. Rather than do P2tog, I knitted it inside out, and so I could clearly see the decrease lines as I was working. These could be a feature, rows of single spiral knit stitches. However, I turned mine inside out and had more subtle purl decrease lines disappearing into the pattern.

I still love this yarn as well, it is the easiest to wear when you have a bit of an allergy to scratchy wool. I am now going to go off and try a chunkier ribbed beanie like some of the others I saw when shopping.

I called the hat Rubinette after a rosy red variety of apple a bit like a Pippin

"Rubinette is a modern apple variety developed in Switzerland between 1964 and 1982*, and also known and trademarked as Rafzubin. Switzerland is perhaps not the first country that comes to mind when considering the development of new apple varieties, but don't let the lack of track record put you off, Rubinette is an exceptional apple and anyone who appreciates apple flavours should certainly try to get hold of some Rubinette apples - you won't be disappointed."
Extract from the http://www.orangepippin.com/ website

* These are the exact years Erssie developed from infant to adult!

Yarns: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or other Worsted
Needles: 5mm dpns or circs

This simple hat pattern in a textured checks pattern is available for £1.50

An Old Erssie Knits Crochet Pattern

By the way, it is still not too late to buy a Red Poppy for Remembrance Day crochet pattern. This pattern is no longer available as a single pattern but it can be found in the book Hookorama by Rachael Matthews.

It only takes 15 mins to make, and you can wear it all year or pin it on a favourite homemade bag.


Kate said...

I love this hat. I need another winter hat to coordinate with my winter coat, and this one is just perfect. :-)

Anonymous said...

Those skeleton socks are marvelous! What beautiful, beautiful work!