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The magazine The Inside Loop is out, with its winter issue. My favourite is probably the Hippocampus mittens by Tori Seierstad as I love a bit of colourwork and support anyone who can see it through, for two pairs of mittens as well (yes, she did this 4 times!)
I also liked Kate Blackburn's Pablo socks, they are the exact colour I am looking for, though in a more solid shade for some socks I have in mind. Must look for some of that Wild Fire Fibres myself.

The other designs I liked in The Inside Loop were the Armenius Sweater by Kai Mistry (who has 2 sweaters in this issue....busy lady!) and Carol Ventura's vulture tapestry crochet bag.

Just in case you missed it when it went up, the Winter issue of Knotions magazine is also up. You had better go and look yourself, there are 22 patterns available to download. At quick glance, I really like the Coronet Cuffs because it is a small but practical little design unlike anything I have seen. However, I do feel the designer offered too much choice in another stitch pattern and yarn gauge, it is almost as if she worked both and could not see which design really stood out (I think one of them does, you tell me which one works for you?). If she was showing options, perhaps she should have knitted the same design but in different colourways perhaps one bright solid and one slightly variegated tweedy. Too much choice or a totally different type of stitch pattern or design can cause the whole effect to not latch onto a knitters brain.

I also have to mention of course that The Twist Collective winter issue is out, the production of the online mag is just like a print mag and has a wonderful format for browsing through colourful pages if you have the time, but as I am supposed to be knitting and not browsing, I didn't find it that easy to get straight to the meaty bits. There is another lovely design in there from Ysolde Teague, a green hoodie that i need to go back and view more closely. However, this wonderful coat caught my eye, not just the colour but the texture and style and wonderful photography of course.

Look people? No clutter in the background, outdoors with good light and an empty scene. It is easy really to get your composition right with a bit of effort. I failed a bit last weekend by rushing my Rubinette photos and then finding I had a chimney coming out of my model's head (not literally, just visually) and a green garden hose in the background, or just a garden of bare earth. I should work a bit harder on the location and timing, but we had no choice. The photos we went there to take though, which are confidential are fantastic, it was just the extras that we rushed.

Yes, you can't beat a knitted hooded coat in red ( Sylvi by Mari Muinonen) really for its drama and fairytale qualities. Talking of red, I asked a few people to try out the Rubinette pattern below in other colours, and also people knitting it up who bought the pattern have tried different yarns and it has worked out well in any worsted/aran and any shade really, so that is good.

Here Are a Few More versions of Rubinette made by other knitters I love it in blue. This is Lionbrand Wool knitted by I Love Wool (Ravelry name)
This next black version is by Kate Blackburn
in Cygnet Wool Rich Aran which I have here actually in Cranberry, Black and Denim Blue.
However, I still love the Cashmerino Aran for the sheer luxury of it. And lastly a white one by Joey Edwards in Pendleton Woolworks; Natural color (off white) Next I would love to see a pink, or a purple version or perhaps green or orange.
Anyone wanting to try those shades can get a free pattern from me but in return for giving feedback and taking notes on your version.

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