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What Has This Got to Do With Knitting?

Answer: This is Stevie Savage of Raid Zero riding his bike on the Mallory Park Race Track, Leicestershire, UK and he is wearing an Erssie Knits knitted underwear design by Erssie Major and knitted by Joeli Caparco. Can't yet reveal the knit, or where it is to be published.....but will do soon. Noblin Knits knitted the project for photography as well.

I was very impressed though that he wore said knitwear from Friday morning until Sunday evening underneath his gear, camping in a field for the whole weekend and it was clean, dry and didn't smell a bit! Apparently it was cosy and warm which he was thankful for as camping outdoors in October in the UK is a bit chilly. Just one blade of grass fell out when I washed it.

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