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New Babies

My friend Fi has had her 2nd child. The first child Alice P, knows me as knit knit. That has been her name for me for the last 5 yrs and she is used to me knitting for her. Knowing how she has enjoyed being the only child and receiver of knitwear in this family, I couldn't knit for new brother born today without including her. I had an idea though. I have written to her and sent her the above beanie in her favourite colours. And I have enclosed beanies below in colours she is not too bothered about, and appropriate for her new tiny baby brother Tom.

The thing about knitting for new babes is that their heads are really too small and delicate for a lot of fussy designs or scratchy yarns, and the Mum's think they look gorgeous in anything but quite often don't want their babes to look too different. So, as simple as it is, the little rolled brim stockinette beanie hat really is one of the best designs they could wear at that age. It has made me feel inadequate as a designer, especially with those and my simple stockinette socks recently....people will think I am regressing!

Anyway, to make up for their simplicity, the pattern is free from Ravelry and contains a few suggestions for coloured stripes. I am sure some knitters will find the size and instructions handy and they only take an hour or two to knit (even for me). Great for using up leftovers too of course. I called them Buster Baby Beanies, short for stashbuster. The blue and Red striped one is Tommy after newborn Tom and the Rasta colours I called Bobby after Bob Marley of course!!

I was hoping to see the Anticraft patterns up today, but have just seen a post and their Samhain issue will be up on Monday October 6th.

I am off to knit another something for them, and perhaps some more easy baby stuff.

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