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UPDATE: Lily has had surgery, 4 lumps were removed and all diagnosed as cysts or benign skin/blood tumours called a Hamartoma. Her vulva biopsy though showed a chronic thickening and inflammation within the folds so we have to wash and dry her and put nappy rash cream on. Talk about a child substitute! We are so relieved, and she was so brave despite being bruised, scarred, stitched and poorly

Darling Lily

Knitwear for hounds supermodel, comedy greyhound, little puppy in a grown bitch's body. All those things and more, we love her to bits. Poor Lily is having surgery tomorrow, and I am a little worried about her. Have to keep on having positive thoughts though. You can see more about her on the Gorgeous Greyhounds blog

UPDATE: We picked her up Wed eve. Poor Lils has been in the wars, lots of bald patches and stitches as well as having had internal biopsies and scans. Now we have to wait until biopsies are back to find out whether the skin tumours are sarcoma, or benign.

The other strange thing is that the vet started to explain that her urine test showed an inability to be able to concentrate the urine.....and I had deja vu.
I had been told the exact same thing, and in fact after some hideous tests I was diagnosed with Cranial Diabetes Inspidus (cranial meaning it is in my head....no, not that I have imagined it but because it is due to failure of the pituitary gland which is somewhere under the skull!) DI either kidney or cranial is very rare problem with kidneys not concentrating urine and constantly losing water, and being thirsty as well as peeing ALL the time and even incontinent (sorry to go into the pants region here).

Now DI, is so very rare, so what are the chances of Lily and I having the exact same thing? It is not a transferable condition. Also reminds me that one of my eye conditions which is called a Holmes-Adie pupil, also a rarity but lucky old me even though this is a one sided disease, i.e unilateral and affects one eye only...I happen to have it bilaterally, separately but in both eyes. And of course, suffering from Behcet's Disease (with neurological problems) which in itself is a really rare condition, but even more rare apparently to have symptoms as dramatic or severe as mine (possibly BD caused all these other rarities to come about) These sorts of anomalies are commonplace in my life, and generally I don't talk about them because people start to think you are making it up! Who can have such bad luck and tragedy, and a string of rare diseases that even most doctors have never seen or heard of?

Anyway, back to mine and Lily's weeing problems. This means that as well as me having to get up to pee throughout the night and getting thirsty and drinking, Lily is doing the same thing. She needs to pee about twice once at around 2-3am and another around 4am and then again at around 5.30 am. So I trudge down the stairs, totally shattered and let Lily out go myself have a couple of hours kip and then up to do it again....It is so tiring I am starting to feel ill....wait a minute, I am feeling ill already! I do hope that we can sort Lily out and perhaps give her some replacement hormone further down the line.

And I really hope that Lils doesn't have a nasty skin problem.

I will make sure my next post is about knitting....and it should be a good one as I have a couple of patterns out very soon with lots of photos.

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Kate said...

Sending lots of positive thoughts to you and Lily. :-)