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Back of Hols....with new patterns

I had a great break, mainly staying indoors because of the rain but away from any IT so I could just catch up on reading, but also was able to knit the odd thing or two. I thought I had made sure that the knitting I was doing was not taxing in any way, especially on the hands that needed a break. However, my partner had to point out that I was indeed overcomplicating things when he spotted me trying to twist stitches and make tiny cables on a sock where the yarn was slippery and the cable needle kept jumping down the back of the sofa. Also, I was spotted watching TV by just glancing up occasionally and then missing crucial bits. Anyway, the cabled sock is one in SWTC which is the adult companion sock to my recent baby sock with 'waves'. This uses much the same techniques, but I am not entirely convinced by the variegated yarn, I might need to choose a plainer one to show up the waves.

After getting so far with the wavy sock, I set myself a little task to design a sock but with restrictions. I was much more resourceful years ago when I had fewer choices. I was painfully aware that sock yarns (of which I have many) are a pure luxury to some, and not at all affordable. So I couldn't see many beginners wanting to invest in a luxury sock yarn until they are convinced that firstly they love making such a tight gauge object and secondly that they are prepared to make two of these things. Socks can take as long as any sweater to make!

So here is my result, a sock pattern called Simple Simons, Striped Staple Socks in Simple Stockinette (staple because they are just that, but also because the yarns came from Barnstaple!) I allowed myself to only buy from a LYS, within the Barnstaple region, and only to buy an everyday cheaper end of the market 4ply yarn. I managed to get these yarns for £2.50 per 50g, and 100g makes 1 pair of striped socks with a bit leftover.

Just to add, when I chose the yarn for these, I did still bear in mind that it had to be wool rich, and that less than 50% wool would just not do with regards to socks, so I agree with Kate's comments that investing all that time using a baby yarn acrylic would probably not do. However, since Fair Isle knitting is back this Autumn/Winter like a storm loads of people are bringing out pure wool 4plys that have to be affordable and many of these could be used for socks albeit slightly heavier gauged than fingering/sock yarns. I am looking forward to trying the Simple Simons with some Rialto 4ply.

I also started knitting up some Fyberspates yarns I've had for a year, but have no pics of that. My goal of making socks that I can actually wear has not been met, as I have designed one sock of each and then moved on and none was simple stockinette in only one shade of yarn which really would have been the most suitable for me!

Since I have been back, I have also been working on a little idea. I have registered Erssie Knits as a broadcast channel on YouTube and have decided I will put up video clips to support techniques, even the simple ones, for patterns I sell where words will not be suffice.

It has struck me with all the test knit nonsense and the discussion forums on Ravelry, that often knitters know the 'jargon' surrounding techniques and their terminology but fewer people can actually effectively put it into practice. It might also help with knitters who work for me, if I can get someone to video me whilst doing something, I can just say this is how I wish it to be done. I am not too pleased though that my clumsiness with my disability will be on show, but at least people might be reassured that if I can do it, they can too. Can't wait to show some before and after shots with finishing and blocking or perhaps show how to take an average gauge!!

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Kate said...

Nice to see you back! :-)

I like the idea of the very simple socks. Often I see people wanting to try sock knitting but not wanting to spend money on the yarn (even on a ball of Opal...) but I do think that if you're going to be investing the time learning to knit in the round then using a suitable yarn is a *must*. Not because you *can't* knit socks with some 4ply baby acrylic, but at the end of the process, having a really wearable pair of pretty socks is going to make someone far more of a convert to sock knitting. :-)