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I am off on my hols, well not a complete hol as I will be knitting, but no more sitting in front of the 'puter. I have been scurrying around putting together a few patterns to be published next month, and the deadline is 1 sep, I go away 29 August, so I have been stuck to the seat for HOURS mainly making my photos work, and the patterns needed grading and writing up....feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants but I am determined to get these done before I go away so I can be totally FREE on hols to start designing the next batch of stuff.

Here are a couple of pics, but without the knitwear as that is secret.

Firstly, I have the lovely Jenni walking like an Egyptian outside a tomb while she waited for us to decide what we were doing, and then we have Jenni looking coy on demand. The other photos are a lot more serious, honestly!

Good ol' Jen, she had to do some amazing clothes changes in the car and hobble around on her twisted ankle around an overgrown graveyard whilst getting attacked by brambles.

Hope it is worth it when the patterns come out! After all the styling and make up etc, sadly it is only certain bits of her body that get used for accessory knitwear but we had to take pics of all of her anyway.

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noblinknits said...

Fun photos! I know the feeling about racing for deadlines. HAve just been to the post office and paid out a small fortune so I don't miss a deadline I didn't know existed until yesterday.

Have a lovely holiday. I'm sorry I won't be able to join you this time.