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New Knitting Pattern

Simple Simons:
Staple Socks in Simple Stockinette
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL plus tips for enlarging further

  • Simple Stockinette only
  • Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and tips to enlarge even further
  • Short row heel and toe
  • Toe up from provisional cast on (2 methods included)
  • Ordinary wool rich 4ply (about $8/£5* per pair)
  • Wider leg without having to increase
  • Simple instructions for beginner sock knitters of toe up, short rows, and knitting ‘anti-jog’ stripes

The pattern for the Simple Simons socks is now available for download from Ravelry, although I am still allowing people to have these free for a trial knit for the following:

For sizes XXL sizes
For 80-100% wool yarns especially organic or 'eco'
For Non Wool yarns of any type especially organic or 'eco'
For Men's sizes

New Charts

Samhain is coming....and I have a couple of charts I am giving out free until October 1st 2008, from which date they will be available as automatic downloads for approx $1 or 50p per chart or set of charts.

Tesselating Skulls
FREE until October 1st 2008
Via Ravelry

A chart of an all over pattern of repeating skulls (offset in a diagonal way like wallpaper), includes an enlarged individual chart 16 sts x 58 rows so that you can choose either the individual motif, or have a 'tile' to repeat over your garment to whatever size you like x 16sts. The overall pattern looks really good for knee highs or stockings, as the skulls coil around the legs in a diagonal line.

£0.50 Download from Ravelry, or go to List of Erssie Knits Patterns

Dancing Skeleton with Top Hat and Flowers
FREE until October 1st 2008

He is a cheeky chappy who has escaped from dia de los Muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead) festival and is looking for a small home (17 sts x 59 rows) for his long and thin body on a scarf, a hat, or a pair of socks....in fact anywhere will do.

For a free Dancing Skeleton Chart see List of Erssie Knits Patterns

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Jocerane said...

I love your little skeleton!
AND, I love the top of your garden table!