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New Goodies

Jocerane sent me these vintage magazines that have old fashioned stitch dictionaries in them. I love them! Firstly, they are in French and I am looking forward to translating them into English so I can use them. I am hoping that because they are older and because they are French that there is much less chance of people in the UK and USA using those rarer stitch patterns, and so I can perhaps revive them and make my socks a bit more interesting.

I also got some new yarns to try from SWTC. It is called Jezebel and is a 100 percent merino wool in fingering weight and can be used for shawls or luxury socks. I used the blue/green coloured one for these socks. The yarn is hand-dyed and the colour has grabbed in a variegated way, so you get a very subtle self striping effect that is not so strong it interferes with texture patterns.

I love it, but did find it quite delicate so would probably want to add 2 strands of yarn, some colourwork or another strand of nylon to heels and toes to strengthen it. If this felts well, then probably if feet get a bit sweaty and the heel rubs against the shoe, the yarn can felt together and wear into a hole but this could be avoided by doing some stranded work, then the strands at the back of the work you would want to felt down.

I used Jezebel to make this version of the Speke's Mou
th Cove: Wavy Cable Baby Sock for my booklet. I just love the little tiny stripes, you can't appreciate it here as it looks like a big sock but this sock is tiny and only 12 cm long. I made it for Aran, Woolly Wormhead's little boy, as I keep promising to make stuff, get half way through and then the little lad has grown before I get round to sending it. I must make the 2nd sock for him this Sunday and then it should fit him until he is about 9mths but I know Woolly will appreciate this hand dyed yarn in this colour. The camera is making it look very turquoise but I would say it is more of a sea green/aqua colour than it looks here

My next set of goodies, is from SWTC again, and they have sent me more balls of Tofutsie in shades I haven't seen yet which is good. I will be using these for socks for the booklet. More importantly though, I must make them in sizes that I can wear because I just love wearing that sock yarn above all others. It is really strong and tough enough for me to abuse, but is soft too. The colour ranges are absolutely huge and SWTC have a loyal fan base for this yarn so that they snap up any new colours coming out and make socks for everyday use.

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Jocerane said...

Have you heard about that new magazine?
Subscriptions are closed for autumn, but still open for winter!