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My House is Too Small!

I knew when I first started buying my knitting magazines that I would run out of room. Such a shame, as there is often some very useful information in there and I had been so methodical in keeping them in the right order like a good keeper of journals.

Anyway as our house is so small and the bookcase is groaning under the weight of
magazines like

Simply Knitting
Vogue Knitting
Vogue Knit Simple
Vogue knit 1

which I had been taking regularly for a couple of years and I am still collecting vintage patterns and guides and buying in the odd craft book. I have made a decision to keep ONE magazine only, and sell the rest on Ebay and to continue subscription to one magazine as well and Vogue Knitting is the winner. Putting a pic up of each of the others individually is going to be an admin task of mammoth proportions but essential I feel.

My other half is selling his bike mags too and we decided to make a guess at the postage costs, and we were staggered actually that an average magazine weighs in at around 350g!!

If anyone wants the magazines, or is looking for a particular issue, do email me before they go on ebay and I will sell you a copy for £2 including the postage to the UK.

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Jocerane said...

I have been doing the same with all the french knitting magazines...since the seventies!