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We had a wonderful time away at a cottage celebrating the other half's birthday. I was inspired by the break to come up with new sock designs for a booklet. There will be about 5 pairs of Adult socks, and a mini version of each sock for a baby, toddler or child.

This is Speke's Mouth (photo by Noel Jenkins, in copyright and covered by Creative Commons) a waterfall that appears on a sandy beach once the tide is out, it used not to have a mill, but ruins of buildings show that there was a sand store here. The beaches in this area at low tide show strips of rock interspersed with strips of sand, and so it inspired me to use the sand stitch ribbing with the first of the socks, a baby sock using a wavy cable and sand stitch for the cuff and heel. Yes, it is unlike me to leak future projects but this will be my very own booklet and the mini baby socks will not give away the main designs for the adult socks, they are more simple befitting the size and just use certain elements so are a bit of a teaser.

The greys loved their hols, and as well as having lots of countryside around the cottage to walk in the farmers were kind enough to give us our own field especially for letting the dogs loose. Here is one pic of them running, I have written up a more detailed account of their adventures on my Gorgeous Greyhounds blog.

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