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Here is a version of the hat knitted by Alex Kiernan in blues for her nephew (sorry her blog link is unavailable/private)

This is one of my patterns which has been knocking around for a good few years now but remains officially unpublished. It was originally a baby hat, but has also been made into an adult version called Girlie Ghostskulls knitted in pinks and a mini version for the Bratz dolls below.

The main reason for it being unpu
blished is that publishers view this as a non edgy design, too easy to knit to make it a seller of a pattern, and the pirate theme being too common amongst knitters to warrant another pattern being published. Now what is surprising, is that of all my knitting designs, this is the pattern most requested by knitters and I have to constantly send out emails to disappoint them by saying the pattern is not yet available. I have even had a request from an etsy member saying that she has had a number of requests for knitting up this design from buyers and could I give her permission to knit it and come to some arrangement about licensing.

Despite the requests for it to be supplied or knitted up, it remains ubpublished, and I can't help feeling I should hang on to it for something really special in the future.However, I have supplied the odd pattern to a few knitting buddies as a private arrangement so that they can knit it up for relatives or for non profit uses.

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