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Skeinspotted! - Fake Knitting

Last night, I was watching My Name Is Earl on the TV. There was a scene with a woman knitting in bed, now I have never seen such hopeless fake knitting in my life! My partner who is a musician cringes with embarrassment when he sees a fake violin player or other fake musical instrument playing in films/TV. I feel exactly the same when the knitting is just not real and even more so when it is supposed to be a cliche granny thing.

I know it shouldn't matter, but this reinforcing of stereotype has led to some family and friends thinking that knitting is not a proper job and that somehow my qualifications and skills are wasted. However, many do respect my work and that really counts too.

Here is an amusing pic of another fake k
nitter! We all fell for that gag didn't we?


Sarah-Hope said...

There was quite a flap in the U.S. quilting community several years ago when a bath tissue maker had an animated "quilting bee" in an ad--it more or less pictured women with knitting needles poking at a quilt. The advertiser received so many letters of complaint that they redid the animation to show proper quilting with needle and thread.

Diane said...

knitters unite...knitters are eclectic, unique, creative, sexy, from all walks of life...not just grannies

noblinknits said...

Oh, but he looks so competent hahaha

Woolly Wormhead said...

Hmm... I still feel I have to fight for recognition for what I do as 'work'. It doesn't always feel like work, let alone a job, but it's just as valid!

Hell knows if or when the stereotype will budge.