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The Anticraft

How rude of me. How remiss not to have mentioned the latest issue of the Anticraft. What am I getting like! My only excuse is that burying my head in my own massive list of designs to be completed, I am missing what is out there and not realising how fast it all moves by, hence the tendency for things to come and go without comment. Apologies. I suppose one of the reasons I am getting behind on crafty news on this blog, is that I know that I haven't gone around giving many people this address hoping to use it as more of a personal diary to look back on in years to come. So, basically, I am assuming nobody reads the blog, and I don't invite comments if they do, so sometimes I drag my feet when making a note of what I have seen and surfed.

Well, I just love the Painted Lady cropped sweater with built in mitts. Beautiful. And I also love all the other designs on the Blue Alavarez Designs website, you can find the knitting patterns here.

I especially like this this orange sweater and this shrug. I do wish I had a figure to show it off though. Sadly, I rarely knit for myself as the lines and tailoring I would prefer to wear just don't look good on me and I look so lumpy. Maybe that is because I am with all that scar tissue and thrombophlebitis I have more dips, craters and mountains than the Moon.

I feel a collection of patterns in plus sizes coming on! Yeah I know, bigger sizes means more yarn and extra time and obviously more expense. I must make it my goal though to make knits that truly glamou
rise the fuller figure. Did anyone see Cape Wrath recently? The character Jezebel was so beautiful and glamourous, I would aspire to have her style, just look at her, she would look fantastic in some 50's inspired knitwear wouldn't she?

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