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The Road to the Beach

I have been busy on quite a few knitting projects, some have been keeping me awake at night. However, I still can't share anything at the moment, including my endless swatching! As I don't want a totally empty blog here are a few pics of things I have seen that caught my eye. Those knitting pictures are interesting, but would make seriously horrendous sweaters though.

And here are a few things from Knitty, still the best online magazine for knitting patterns, it is always stuffed full of choice. However, I do think a lot of their inclusions are 'safe' choices and tend to be a matter of general taste rather than seriously what I would call 'edgy'. I am beginning to see the same design features repeated, draped and swingy tops with waist shaping and slightly flared sleeves being some of them, cropping up in every issue. Is this what the readers like to wear? Or perhaps the editor? Are they really 'edgy' or just popular? Anyway, I still like them and would wear them, so it's good enough for me. If I ever get round to knitting for myself that is!

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