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Erssie's Rasta Style Beanie
(Jaeger Shetland Aran - Unrealeased and DB Aran discontinued)

I wasn't going to make one of these, thought there would be far too many and more superior versions around. However, i was shocked at the quality of some of the beanies in these colours on sale, lots of scratchy acrylics and really garish acrylics and bad styles. Obviously the nice ones I see on the streets must be made by a loving wife, Mum, Auntie, Gran because I don't see ones like that for sale. I was also horrified to see that shops sold beanies like this with false dreadlocks hanging out. Now, the reason I found those hard to swallow was that of the people I know who have committed to dreads, it has been a long term committment for them or part of their culture, not a stupid party joke. I feel the same way about those fake punk wigs as well and office workers who say "I'm going as a punk" when it's a Christmas fancy dress party. Being a punk is so muh more than hair and music, anyone who was around in the mid to late 70's will realise it wasn;t about being a circus act.

More Swatches...................
Oh yes, here are some swatches in Bamboo and soy silk. I liked the soy silk although it can get a bit crumpled but so can cotton. It seems to drape well be is firm enough for a good tight stitch definition. bamboo on the other hand seemed to feel floppy and insubstantial, at the moment I have a love hate relationship with it.

I would have to commit for a whole garment to know how I realy feel about these yarns. Also, the sheen on them does mean it is hard to make something suitable for all types of people, it is slinky and feminine
though. I know it would probably be perfect for a top for me, if I had a bit of waist shaping with the drape, it could make a good alternative to the long sleeved floppy T-shirts I wear. I forgot to say about the bamboo as well, it is so stretchy! That could be perfect for a T-shirt or fitted skirt although on the recommended needle size, you can see daylight through the stitches. I think it is the unfamiliarity of the yarns that leaves me stumped for the moment as to exactly what I'd do with them. however, thanks to SWTC, I have some samples to play with.

How about a pretty baby girls hat and socks? Or some hair accessories for me?
Swatches below from left to right, Crimson 100% soy silk, Greens - 100% bamboo, Parrot - soy silk


Anonymous said...

Hi Erssie--

Will the hat pattern be available (for sale or free, either one)? I have a friend who shrank the hat her dreadlocked brother likes to wear, and she's asked me if I can make a new one. I don't really know where to start to get something that will fit right and have room for the dreadloocks.

Best wishes!

Louise said...

Is the crimson swatch here for the shawl pictured below - would love to know where I can get the pattern for that - I don't really go for shawls but that is really tempting.