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....and the Moon went Red!

Of course there are loads of pics up of the lunar eclipse taken with telescopes etc but this is a pic taken by my BF on a normal digi camera to prove we there when it happened at around 10.36 - 10.50 last night.. What a sight! So much better than my view of the last solar eclipse and I do prefer the Moon, she was really giving out some beautiful red glow last night and we drank a bottle of pink bubbly to celebrate (whilst knitting at the same time of course)

I can't tell you what a red moon means in terms of Pagan values, because I really don't know but I will endeavour to find out. Do leave a comment if you have any more folk lore knowledge that isn't the geeky science bit.

PS Actually I can tell you what this means, courtesy of the BF who did a bit of research for me as follows:

During a lunar eclipse, we experience what might be called a "micro month". The moon is full, then partially or completely hidden, and then visible again. Within just a few minutes, an energy similar to a complete cycle of full, waning, new/black (if it is a total lunar eclipse), waxing and full again. (PaganPath.com)

The lunar eclipse is the symbol of the Crone, also called Hecate, Hel, Mother Hulda, the Snow Queen, Bone Mother, Demeter (when searching for Persephone and the earth's vegetation dies) and Sekhmet. It is significant that the eclipse does not related to the Crone as Lady of Wisdom, who is part of the Crone image with the waning crescent-moon part of the lunar cycle, but focuses on the Lady as Passage. Now is a fine time for Dark magic and Sidhe magic. (Ireland's Own Myths and Magic)

Eclipses generally bring things either into fruition, or to a halt. That particular area of your life will be affected depending on which house of your natal chart the eclipse falls in. (Center for the New Age Newsletter)

The dark red color of the moon has caused many cultures to equate the lunar eclipse with blood and magic. ( What Can I See During a Lunar Eclipse?)

Chanting a Mantra just once during a lunar eclipse proves as powerful as chanting the same Mantra a hundred times in ordinary conditions. Great Tantriks and Yogis remain waiting for such moments for they are well aware of their significance. On the other hand the common man being unaware of this significance wastes these moments. The common family man has more problems and worries in his life due to which he remains ever worried. If only he knew, he could make use of these moments and solve all problems of life. Simply put an eclipse is a boon for the common man. (Sadhana on Lunar Eclipse)

Good for relationship magic. Eclipses rapidly bring everyone's emotions to the extreme in order for you to see them and understand them better—that's the shock effect of an eclipse. It is as if an eclipse turns up the volume in your heart so you can really hear the message inside. (Moon Magic)

Eclipses represent special opportunities to heal old patterns and to make major shifts in your life. Fears and feelings are closer to the surface. (Campfire Magic)

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Zabet said...

Lovely, lovely pic!!!

(Was it taken before or after you wrote up your bio? .:wink:.)