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Welcome to the world of Erssie (or part of it). Yep, I've given in and got myself a blog! Sticking up photos of my knitting on my website is all well and good but not very personal. Every time I had a bit of knitty gossip I was wearing out my poorly working hands trying to summarise it into a text message and sending it to to my fellow crafters and it was all becoming quite repetitive and you all know how I love to prattle on. I was also secretly envious of the knitting rings that indulged in things like Secret Pal and I couldn't be a party to it without my own blog!

Anyway, to those of you who haven't seen me for a while, personal things have been happening but I won't open my very first blog with such boring details. As far as knitty news goes, have had one recent design in Magknits and currently working on the next (to go in Oct/Nov). I've also been knitting a few personal things, some charity stuff to go into a magazine and hopefully another project for a new print magazine coming out soon. I've also had a couple of 'publishers' contacting me, awaitin phone calls to see what they want exactly as I haven't submitted anything to them.

As ever, I'm looking for knitters who can carry out my instructions more speedily than I can knit. I seem to get more requests for knits than I can carry out and those of you who know my 'personal' details will know how I am a bit one armed at the moment. if you know any neat and accurate knitters who want to volunteer to help out I will share my fees fairly for work done and give credits where they are due.

Do come and visit my blog often, I'll try to fill it with knitty things and list any opportunities of interest to my lovely knitting community. Oh...here are some I've been working on for charity, pattern available on www.childsoc.org.uk , find it in their Knit It pages under fundraising.


Annarella said...

Heyyyy, I'm your first commenteer (??)

I have so much catch up to do, too many emails to reply to, proposals to prepare for work, etc, but I just had to stop by and say you look HOT in that pic! I saw it the other day on Prudence's site (meant to drop you an email to congratulate you for being selected for her gallery, but now, I can't for the life of me remember whether I did or not!!), well done for getting yourself a blog, will follow it closely and hope to bump into you before too long :)

Take care xxx

Annarella said...

oops... I meant "catching up" to do...

c'mon I've been up since 7am which is even earlier than the crack of dawn for me... ;)