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Recently Skeinspotted - Things a knitting junkie cannot fail to miss

Wildswans 3 Daughters of China by Jung Chang - women students who went to Communist Party meetings just sat gossiped and knitted instead,
The Olive Readers Christine Aziz has a story of a scarf knitted by wife for hubbie to use as bungy jump out off a turret. She craftily knitted it only a few inches from the floor so he hit the ground and got mangled!
'One hour photo' film, heroine was wearing a nice handcrafted sweater with blanket stitch edging
Goodnight Mr Tom TV drama, who did all those lovely classic knits? They look far too good to be standard 1940's knits, if my granny had knitted one of those it would be kept for Sunday best, not put onto a young boy learning to ride a bike (badly).


Annarella said...

In last week's Men Behaving Badly: Deborah mentions something about her mum knitting a bobble hat (wasn't paying too much attention, the sounds of the word KNIT brought me back to life).

Also, in The Perfect Storm (with hunky George), they live on Sable island... Sable... S.A.B.L.E. .. ;)


Woolly Wormhead said...

Eh up, welcome to Blogland!

noblinknits said...

hi erssie
glad to hear your blog voice.
keep it up!