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New Moon

I never go out in the evening....well hardly ever....so was much excited to be going out for the first time in....oooh it must be about a year at least for a trip to the cinema for Sunday afternoon and see a couple of friends I haven't seen since their wedding.

I quite enjoyed the film Twilight when it came out, after having read the Twilight books.
The first film did portray the intense teenage passions and yearnings of Bella and Edward with the sort of restraint that normally (of our generation) that age keeps on our actions. The film Twilight was directed by a female director and I thought she had captured that intensity that ran through the book quite well.

However, with this second film(by a male director), after seeing action packed trailers with special effects I was quite geared up to see a very different film with really good effects and action packed...after all there is motorcycle riding, cliff diving, and werewolf packs and fighting as well as the Volturi. I was disappointed in New Moon.
We went to the Odeon on Muswell Hill, a great retro style cinema that had sofas! We hired one sofa between 2 of us....and had loads of room to lounge around and then the film started off quite well.

I was anticipating the werewolves bit, so getting quite excited...but after about an hour of constant mumbling, in which I could hear not a lot of dialogue (I mean mumbling between the characters not just mumbling in the cinema!) the werewolf thing happened, but didn't really show much phasing as such, they just appeared really quickly And disappointingly, the best bits had indeed all been in the trailers. I think compared with the books, the plot seemed choppy and seemed more of a filler between Twilight and tne sequel to New Moon. A lot of the plot I only got because I had read the books, and I wondered if this was a film for fans of the books, or a film aimed at a general audience with no knowledge of the books.

However, there was a ripple of effect through the audience when Jake (Taylor Lautner) took his shirt off for the first time....from that point on though, the effect is rather diluted by him always running around with no shirt and shorts on. And he just got bigger and bulkier til he looked like an advert for steroids.

Can anybody recommend a good current film or past film on DVD? I keep borrowing DVDs lately and watching films that I know of mainly from having read the book, and then being totally disappointed with the film. This includes Incendiary, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Day The Earth Stood Still (remake) and many more.

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Anonymous said...

If you can stand subtitles, you might try Man Facing Southeast. Dick is a favorite of mine—not what it first sounds like, but a comedy based on Watergate. Mary Shelly's Frankenstein with Robert DeNiro is good. Dogma is uneven but really engaging philosophically. Bubba Hotep moves a bit slowly, but is out there enough to be fun.