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Just a little stock check on Brown Sheep.....

I want to make some hats, mittens and possibly sweaters in a worsted/aran yarn like Brown Sheep
So am just trying to find out what is in stock in the UK, and if not, what can I use as a substitute.

These are the sorts of shades. I love the coffee and natural shades, but also like the bright greens and blues. The squiggles are what is not in stock, or very low at Get Knitted.

I always get stuck trying to find substitutes of these in the UK, and want to buy British.

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jackie said...

wow Erssie, hang in there. I had a bad day at work but mine is cupcakes compared to your honey's. I was in a situation like that a zillion years ago and they told us the day before Thanksgiving holiday. I'll say prayers for both of you to get thru this stronger and successful. Perhaps he can also do consulting work? Do you have "head hunters" there? They are people who recruit talent for companies.