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Knitting and Hounds

I have just finished reading my own yarn reviews below, and nearly fell asleep! I must have been in a really serious state of mind on the day I wrote those (note to self: I must condense my yarny opinions into one or two sentences).

I thought as an antidote, I could put up some of the photos that have come through for my new gallery on Flickr;Gorgeous Greyhounds that are of interest to crafters too. As well as normal doggie shots, there are pics of greyhounds and knitting and crochet. These are just a few of the pics people have taken of their Italian Greyhounds wearing a scaled down version of the Dizzy Lily Snood. Look at cute little Froggy in the green one!

Here are some lifesize crochet hounds that I would definitely be making if I had more time.

Here is a rather stylish Crochet aran sweater for a greyhound

Lastly, this is a hilarious little misty valentine's pic by Greyhound Crafts of their crochet hounds, but they look exactly like Dizzy and Lily!
I have mentioned elsewhere so forgive the cross post, that Dizzy's littermates are now coming up for adoption as they are at that age to retire from racing. Dizzy's brother Osmosis Joe and his sister, both chocolate (dark) brindles are now in Essex Greyhound Rescue's kennels and are looking for a home together. They are 4yrs old, I will post more details after I have met them and photographed them and the other hounds available for adoption.

If you know anyone or hear of anyone who is thinking of adopting a dog,tell them a greyhound makes a lovely pet. They are so cuddly and willing to please. I think Dizzy's litter will go quickly, because of their good looks and unusual marking as well as their bouncy happy temperaments. Not all dogs are so lucky, especially the black ones which are much harder to rehome.


noblinknits said...

I was reading your greyhound blog the other day. The information about feeding and acclimatising them was really interesting and well researched.

Greyhound Gap Official News Blogger said...

Thank you so much for continuing to use your blog to promote the plight of the beautiful greyhound.
They need all the PR they can get and the more and more people that realise what wonderful pets they make and open up their home and heart to them the more we can make a difference for.