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Happy New Year

Oh dear, how lazy, no pics! I promise to show you my fave presents which were a wartime book of make do and mend, and a mug, which stated that I am indeed the Queen of ******* everything!

Also, I have carried out my grandfather's philosophy which was "A new broom sweeps clean...!" in my approach to 2008. Some of you know I was working on a big project, and with a heavy heart, I decided not to continue with that project. I will continue to contribute designs to mags and books on a pattern by pattern basis though. Ho
wever, since then, quite a few more opportunities have come through that I would not normally have time to get involved in, and there has always been another totally top secret Erssie product on the back burner that perhaps deserves to be the first 'big' project to come out.

And of course, 3 of my designs have come out in Anticraft: Knitting, Beading and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister. Belladonna Sleeves , Pop Art Skulls Pillow and Goth Glam Yule Hat, I can put some pics up later. Also, if you search inside the above book on Amazon.com, there is an excerpt showing my goth Glam Yule Hat, the idea of which was born several years ago and I still don't have one to wear at Christmas!

Otherwise, buy the book. It is hilarious and just a very pretty antidote to glossy bland
coffee table books. It covers all crafts, and although I cannot sew well, if I could I would be using the wheel of the year skirt design by Sara Hood.

I am collecting designs for a very specific project, but slowly and at my own pace. I am also going to knit exactly what I want to for a while as opposed to what I must. I promised myself, I would spend less time on line, as it is leading to nausea and hand pain and although I love Ravelry, I will have to try and repress the urge to surf there in specialist subjects.

I still have my charity patterns to do as well, and will be donating more works to rescued hounds and for homeless people.

In fact, my offer from 2005 still stands. If you go through your stash, and abandoned projects and find that you have swatches or even large pieces of knitting you are never going to frog and re-use, don't leave them lying around, send them in because I can sew together (yes, I will try to sew) and make blankets for the homeless acquantances or for bedding for rescued dogs either RSPCA, or one of the greyhound organisations I support.You are welcome to send in any newly knitted squares as well of any size.

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