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Merry Christmas Everyone!

We are off soon, and I won't be back to Erssie Knits until the New Year, although I will be taking my Christmas knitting with me (for a book). We are going to stay on Little Comfort Farm for a while, we get a cream tea on arrival and we stay in a toasty cottage with a wood burning stove with our two greyhounds. Emails may pile up whilst I am on holiday, I will deal with all that from the 2nd onwards. Pretty scary as I am getting about 60 emails a day about knitting at the moment.

Here is our cottage in North Devon. Of course, it won't look as green, as that it is going to be a bit crispy and most probably muddy and damp!

I would like to say thanks to those people who donated money towards the Snood for A Hound pattern, I have paid £20 to Lurcher Link and £50 plus some equipment is going to Essex Greyhound Rescue tomorrow in the post. I know Julie is going to make a wholesome Christmas stew with some meat from the butchers to give to the hounds she has in her rescue kennels.

I will continue to sell this pattern, or forward it to rescue hound owners free of charge throughout the Winter and I intend to have more pet rescue items to knit at a later date, I will tell you more about that when I can.

Here are some Pixie Hounds, the crochet pattern is here
from Aerie designs. I love them.

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