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Lily Pinched my Alpaca Hummingbird!

No sooner had I been singing the praises of the greyhounds and their distinct lack of interest in my yarns when I discovered a pile of tangled mess and a half finished sock on the living room floor. Nooooooo!

I only went to the toilet for a few seconds, and Lily even poked her head round the door whilst I was there before Dizzy barged her out of the way and she ran off and secretly and pulled out the very centre of my neatly wounded ball and obviously kept on doing it and doing it until my ball was inside out. What an unholy mess I found about 20 seconds later!

I had to get that ball rewound and so the socks which should have been finished today are not and a lot of my knitting is b
ehind as a result.

I thought I had constantly watched these two for weeks now, locking away bins, moving my yarns upstairs, putting lamp shade collars on their heads to stop them chewing their stitches. I am exhausted with my own vigilance, like a mother wit two toddlers and when my partner comes home after being away and I am going to be dong the old "It's your turn to watch them now, I've been doing it constantly..." routine just like a real

Lily is a Tea Leaf (rhyming slang for thief if you didn't know), the little Minx!

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Sarah-Hope said...

So sorry to hear about your tragic loss of yarn--that's a beautiful skein. I suspect, though, that Lily wasn't in too much trouble...