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Gorgeous Greyhounds........

Is the name of my new blog. In an attempt to avoid boring you all senseless with my dog enthusiasm I am going to write a blog about two lovely dogs we are adopting this week.

Lily is a nervous bitch who is about 20 mths old and has come from the racing industry but has been treated badly in Ireland. As a result, she is very wary of men and a bit snappy and is extremely hand shy at best. I am slowly winning her over after meeting her twice and Steve has been allowed to touch her but he has to be very careful with h
er. She is a blue and white greyhound like the third dog from the left in the above photo (that isn't her though).

Desmond aka Dessie, we are calling him Dizzy (as he is a rascal) is a bouncy and excitable boy who is a blue brindle, like the first dog on the left hand side of the above picture except that he has lighter colouring with gold coloured eyes. On first meeting people he likes to have a he
adbutt followed by an attempt to lick you to death! His confidence will do wonders for Lily although we are going to train the jumping up and head butting out of him as we have friends and relatives with young children who might not appreciate it. Pics of the actual dogs to follow.

My other blog Gorgeous Greyhounds will be listing homeless dogs who are finding it difficult to get a home due to the competition being so fierce (9000 racers retire each year, all competing for homes). Also, I will be chronicling the dogs behaviour and training, mainly so I can look back and see the progress however slow but also I hope their story will give inspiration to others thinking of helping these beautiful creatures and offering to give them a happy and healthy retirement.

I can't tell you how excited I am! I am hoping that my Special Projects can be knitted whilst watching the dogs snooze. They should be sofa hounds until they get outdoors although I will be trotting to the garden on the hour every hour to make sure they do their business. I have just had locks put on 3 doors in the house, as it is time to gather my yarns swatches and other bits of knitting strewn around the house and keep them all in one place. Lily is a slipper thief, she will have those balls of yarn if I am not careful!


Sarah-Hope said...

Congrats on the new arrivals--they are belessed to have found a loving home with you and your partner.

Jo said...

I do hope your new family members settle in well!

Jo said...

I've just noticed the date...now I'm attempting time travel, catching up with a pile of bits and pieces for my blog, but how did you manage it?