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I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.................................................
Got bored of my black blog, and white writing....and decided to go all White for Yuletide.
Hoping this makes it easier for people to read as well.

What have I been up to lately?
Mostly knitting samples for a shop.
Also collaborating on some new and exciting crochet designs, and delving deeper into the World of tapestry crochet....so watch out for some new designs, that are not knitting.

However, Stevie has found this fab alternative bring and buy Goth type fayre in the Dome, so cannot wait to get an invite to have a little table there and have been working on some new designs that fit into the theme.

I am always open as well, to someone else contributing their alternative stuff as long as they don't mind me taking some commission to cover cost of rail, stall or table.

Got a fab alternative piece of knitwear? Can you make it up to a high standard and fix a reasonable price? Then feel free to contact me.

And to the person that ordered 150 Christmas Cards from my Zazzle design with proceeds going to Greyhound rescue.....a big thanks!


katieea said...

LOVE your blog! As an enthusiastic knitter myself I wondered if any of your blog followers might be interested in a workshop coming up in May of next year in ravishing S W France with Claire Montgomerie. Take a look at www.lessoeursanglaises.com and follow textile workshops.

Anonymous said...

The new format is great.

I have read Mr. Whicher, which I enjoyed immensely. You might like Drood, which is narrated in the voice Wilkie Collins: rambling, a bit bizarre, and quite engaging.