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Macmillan Comfort Square

Download the Free pattern from here to make your own comfort square for the Macmillan appeal
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The Knitter mag had a competition in September to design a square 8 inches by 8 inches in DK. Its for a comfort blanket for a Macmillan campaign I had so many ideas straight away, it was difficult to just pick one to develop. Especially as I had been told, only one entry per person was allowed.

Anyway, I came up with this simple colourwork square which has a bold African textiles feel, and the central motifl is adapted and decorated from a symbol in the Andinkra language which means Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo translated as Help Me and Let Me Help You, intended to convey unity through strength and co-operation, mutual support.

There are two arrowheads that face each other, and then cut out parts on the arrow match solid motifs on the opposite. I charted it totally free hand, starting from the arrows and then filled it in with some vertical patterns. They are not that commonly knit as people often prefer horizontal bands, and it did mean a lot of space between and intarsia and bobbins dangling....but actually it wasn't as difficult to knit as it would seem.

The effect is very simple.
I have got a whole list of Andinkra symbols with great meanings that will make great charts....enough for a whole blanket.

I didn't win, but I sort of became a runner up of the runners up and got a Highly Commended, which ain't bad and meant a bag of goodies with yarn and accessories plus a book arrived today. They yarn is pure silk DK, so perfect for a babe outfit.

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