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My Birthday!'

Twas my birthday yesterday, I had a little beauty of a tiny pc, a lovely little Eee PC netbook in white. I can share all my docs with my main PC, can take my charts and knitting patterns in my hand bag and just generally doodle to make new charts on my lap if half watching some talent prog on the TV!
It is a novelty and all makes it feel like play rather than work.

The OH made sure that this had an ergonomic keyboard and compared with even my main pc, the action and size of keys is perfect for the mangled hand as they are normal sized keys on a slant, I thoroughly recommend it. We also have a vodofone pay as you go plug in, so that makes Erssie Knits totally portable.I must admit, not having to print charts out and being able to rotate my screen to knit charts upside down is fantastic. This beauty also has a built in camera, so perhaps chance to do a few YouTube clips too. Anyway, whilst playing around with Excel, I have made some Happy Birthday simple charts just in case someone wanted to knit their own birthday card. I will be putting these onto a proper Zazzle greetings card, with profits going to greyhound rescue, so that you can buy a friend a card of a knitting theme but also have a pattern/chart included on the card for your friend to use.

As I find charting really easy, then I should have a big catalogue of single charts to choose from. If you want to print these charts then go to my pattern store on Ravelry to download free copies, or look back here soon to to be able to buy versions of these on Zazzle. Please note, that viewing them here as JPEGs means the gridlines look a little uneven, but the pdf prints them perfectly and cleanly once downloaded. I will need to get the charts reworked in Illustrator probably to get very good clean charts to go onto greetings cards.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Mine (40th!) was the 26th. I hope yours was as good as mine.

Crows said...

Happy birthday. I love my Eee - I upgraded to my second after a year and a half of faithful service from my first this may (though I still use the older one occasionally too).

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the Ondine 'Sleeves for a Mermaid' pattern that I discovered on Ravelry. It's just wonderful. This is my first round-knit project, I taught myself to handle the DPNs with the start of this yesterday and just finished the first sleeve today. It came out just beautifully, I can't wait to knit up the second one and wear them as a pair. The instructions are clear and simple and the garment came out so elegant. I even strayed by using a heavier yarn and smaller needles (all wool - these are going to be very warm for winter) and I'm so happy with the way it came out. I'm sure I will eventually have many pairs of these in my wardrobe. I can already tell it's going to be difficult to put number two down this evening; as it is I've been up way too late the last few knitting!