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Greyt Sweaters

These are some of the wonderful designs of sweaters made for both greyhounds and whippets by Laney who donates some of the proceeds to rescue organisations.

I have been far too busy, and slow of course, to get around to designing a hand knit for my own two, and I think that Lily would look good in this blue design. Or perhaps as she is our little spoiled princess, she should have something more pink and girlie like the jzzy little number below.

I know I really shouldn't be promoting someone else's knitwear design, but these are honestly the best fitting and most stylish knitted sweaters I have seen and a reasonable price too, go to their website to find out about ordering and measuring your hound.

Dizzy Rascal would look good in urban black as that would suit his name and his nature. It is our dream that our big blue brindle boy will be able to run around on the beach (off the lead) like this brindle dog one day.

Poor Dizzy Rascal, he still runs in a straight line to the entrance of an enclosure and his eyes are on the horizon. We would lose him if we let him off in an open space, and being a lover of people, he would just run to the nearest group of people or the nearest house and say "Hello hello I'm Dizzy, you love me, yes you do, everybody loves me!" etc, and he might flatten a few people with his sincere doggie love. Not a good idea, but one day........................

You can read more about Greyt sweaters, Laney and the Beastly Beasts greyhounds who she knits for on my greyhound blog.

Here are a couple of pics to add to some of the above that are not on that blog, just to avoid me cross posting identical information!

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