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Samhain Salutations!

I can't believe another year has gone so quickly, and that it has been a long time since I could put up some ghostly designs of my own. I hope by next year, I will have a little more to show publicly in the way of single patterns.

I wasn't well on actual Samhain eve, it was indeed 'some pig' (see scarf above and below) and it passed by with just a flicker of acknowledgement. I will have to make up for it next year by designing something specifically for it, last year I designed the Silvanus bag for the Anticraft. Talking of which, do take a trip over there to see their latest
Samhain issue; Sticky.

I am an arachnaphobe. so it truly gave me shudders. There are three lovely projects which are my favourite, a knitted cardigan Cocooned, and some crochet webby gauntlets To Weave a Tangled Web as well as a lace scarf Charlotte A. Cavatica

Here are some mini pics of those projects, but do go over to the magazine for the full set. The Anticraft book is out soon, how exciting, especially as it means I will be in current print again. They kindly chose three of my projects to be included, and can I just declare, they paid their designers before the book was even finished, that is how nice they have been. Unlike some other publishers and authors who still haven't paid me to date! (you know who you are, I send you threefold reflections)

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